Our Youngest Fundraiser Strikes Again!
Libby Hughes, aged 8, has recently raised £35 for Garston Animal Rescue.  Libby, along with her friend Hope, decided they wanted to do something to help animals so asked their headteacher if they could raise money through a name the teddy competition. Hope, with the help of her mum, found two lovely brand new teddies in a local charity shop and Libby, with the help of her mum, came up with a long list of  names. 

Both girls then had a week to sell as many names as possible at 20 pence each. The girls did a fantastic job and raised an amazing £35, which Libby personally delivered to the rescue. 

This donation was gratefully received, as the charity receives no government funding and relies on donations from the public.  This money will go directly to helping the animals with food, litter, vet bills...the list is endless.

A huge thanks to Libby and Hope from all the animals!
Fundraise today to help secure our tomorrow
Do you want to help us to save even more animals – why not do a fundraiser for us?
Help us to do more for animals!  As you know we need to move, so we’re doing a major push to raise funds.  Maybe you could put on a small fundraiser for us.  Here are a few ideas to get you started!  Every bit of money raised helps us to realise our dream of getting a proper sanctuary for the animals.  Thank you for anything at all you can do.
For children at school (or anyone!)
  • A photo competition!  All bring in a picture of themselves as a baby or toddler and everyone has to guess who it is! 

  • Guess the number of marbles or sweets in a jar – just fill it up and take it round the class, and everyone can have a go for a £1 donation.
  • A non-uniform day – dress like a dog or a cat, or your favourite singer, or all dress up in the one colour for the day, or a character from your favourite book maybe – and everyone has to pay £1 to your teacher to take part and this would go to Garston Animal Rescue.  Join in the fun!  Even ask your teacher what they’re going to dress as!
  • A talent show – get your teacher to help with this – put on a show with children putting on something – could last from 5 minutes to half an hour so make sure that there’s enough time for everyone.  You could sing, dance, read from your favourite book – absolutely anything that you like!  And your teacher would invite parents and other teachers to watch, in return for a donation.
  • Ask if ticket sales from your next school play or event could be donated to us.
  • Cake sale: take in some cakes and ask for donations from classmates and teachers!
  • Bring and buy sale.  Bring in to school an unwanted toy or book, and display them all on a table, maybe get someone to help you and keep your prices fairly modest so people can afford to buy!  Make sure you buy something too!
Don’t forget to ask your teacher for permission for any of the above – and THANK YOU!
  • Have a clear-out and sell your unwanted things at a car boot.  Amazing what you can find!
  • Hold a cake sale at work, and get a few people to bring in home-made cakes.  Then sell them off by the slice, or people just pay a suggested donation, whatever you think would work best.
  • See if your manager will allow you to hold a dress-down day where you can wear jeans, or any fancy-dress, and people pay a donation to join in the larks.
  • Hold a quiz night in a pub.  They’re usually happy with this as they get all the money from the drinks, but everyone has to pay something to join in the fun at the Quiz Night.
  • See if your work would agree to have Garston Animal Rescue as their chosen Charity of the Year, even if not this year, then the following year.  Could be some of the staff will be glad of a change from the usual charity.
  • See if your manager would be ok with your asking colleagues if they’d be willing to donate an hour’s pay to Garston Animal Rescue, and maybe even your firm could match this!
  • Sponsored walk, dog-walk, litter-pick, etc.  – have fun and make the local area look better!
  • Sponsored no-sweets week!  Give up something for a week!  Donate the sponsor money to us! 
  • Donate your skills!  Whatever you do best, perhaps you’re a hairdresser, or a beautician, a dog-groomer, a gardener?  Maybe you could offer a hair-do, garden tidy-up, dog-groom, or how about cleaning/washing/ironing/car-washing – offer to do this for your neighbours/family/friends, charge a fee and donate this to us.
  • Invite friends to a get-together, eg, coffee, tea and cake night, or a movie night, etc, tell everyone you’re raising money for us and charge a fee for people to come.
  • Put on a raffle, and sell raffle tickets round your work and donate the proceeds to Garston Animal Rescue.  Can raise quite a bit if you manage to get some prizes that people really like, such as stuff from Lush, or anything that you think will be popular with your colleagues.
Anything you can think of to raise much-needed funds to help even more animals!  THANK YOU – WE REALLY APPRECIATE WHATEVER HELP YOU CAN OFFER.

If you would like to organise a fundraising event for us then why not set up an online fundraising page through Mydonate.